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The Subjective Participial Construction

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The Subjective Participial Construction is a construction in which the Participle is in predicate relation to a Noun in the Common case or a Pronoun in the Nominative case, which is the Subject of the sentence.

e.g. John was seen running away. (the process in progress)

The following verbs are used with the construction: verbs of perception (see, hear, observe) and the mental activity verbs (think, consider, know, understand, believe), the latter group used with the Past Participle.

e.g. She was found lying on the ground.

e.g. The meeting of cardiologists is considered finished.

  1. Translate the sentences with the Objective Participial Construction into Ukrainian. Define the Objective Participial Construction.

  1. The patient heard medical assistants discussing his diagnosis, and this caused iatrogenic disorder in him.

  2. The group of students saw a surgeon operating the child with a Fallot triad.

  3. When they came to the patient again they found him completely healed.

  4. A nurse who was holding the forceps could feel patient’s vessels pulsating irregularly.

  5. We all considered the theme of organ transplantation closed in this case.

  6. The anatomist wanted autopsy done quickly.

  7. A patient had heart bypass surgery done, otherwise he wouldn’t survive.

  8. Why don’t you have your carious teeth sanated?

  9. He heard an intern arguing with his supervisor about the treatment prescribed.

  10. We have always considered him knowing anatomy well.

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