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Fill in the gaps with correct preposition

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Fill in the gaps with correct preposition.

in, of, out of, for, out, from, by

Hypertension _______ its simplest sense means “high blood pressure”. Medical science calls this condition, “arterial hypertension”, but hidden beneath the apparent simplicity _____ the term is the face ______ a silent killer. This silent killer can invariably trigger a heart attack, stroke, arterial aneurysm, eye damage, or a complete renal failure _____ the blue, and no one will have any hint or clue that something was boiling inside ____ a worst outcome. Hence it is important that hypertension be diagnosed and treated at the earliest, before things get ____ hand. The important question is how to find ____ if a person is suffering ____ arterial hypertension. The biggest roadblock in diagnosing hypertension is the virtual absence ____ any solid symptom as it may normally be called a characteristic of high blood pressure. ____ other words, a person, even if suffering ____ hypertension, may not show any apparent symptoms. Every thing will look normal and the person may be as cheerful and healthy as a child. It is only when something happens that one might take note ____ the developments. The treatments for hypertension mostly include a mix ___ medication and a disciplined lifestyle. Here it must be noted that none ___ this will work if taken independently. Someone with hypertension needs to follow the prescriptions punctually meanwhile adopting a health lifestyle marked ____ a controlled diet and regular workout/physical exercise.

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