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Post-Text Assignments

  1. Match the beginnings and endings of the sentences.

Breathing couldn’t happen

maintain body temperature and eliminate excess water from the body.

The major function of the respiratory system

the nares of the nose which open into the nasopharynx.

The process of taking air into the lungs

that allow them to inflate and deflate without losing shape and are encased by a thin lining called the pleura.

The respiratory system also helps

without help from the respiratory system.

Gas movement is extremely vital for

can affect the health of our lungs and respiratory system and cause respiratory problems.

The upper respiratory tract begins with

is gas exchange.

During inhalation, air entering the oropharynx passes into

about 600 million of alveoli – spongy, air-filled sacs that are surrounded by capillaries.

The lungs contain elastic tissues

is called inhalation or inspiration.

The average adult’s lungs contain

the laryngopharynx and empties into the larynx (voicebox) which contains the vocal cords.

Many factors, including genetics, pollutants, irritants, and infectious diseases

communication purposes, including speaking, singing, or whistling.

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