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Grammar: Passive Voice

Passive Voice



Present Indefinite

The drugs are prescribed every day.

Past Indefinite

The drugs were prescribed yesterday.

Future Indefinite

The drugs will be prescribed next week.

Present Continuous

The drugs are being prescribed now.

Past Continuous

The drugs were being prescribed at that moment.

Present Perfect

The drugs have been prescribed today.

Past Perfect

The drugs had been prescribed by 7 o’clock.

Future Perfect

The drugs will have been prescribed by next week.

I. Transform the sentences into Passive Voice.

              1. Gynaecomastia afflicts only one breast.

              2. The teacher was checking the test on reproductive infertility and its causes when the bell rang.

              3. The students are making an experiment on rats in the labouratory.

              4. The gynaecologist will prescribe the drugs for pelvic inflammatory disease tomorrow.

              5. Pelvic inflammatory disease damaged the fallopian tubes of the patient two years ago.

              6. The doctor treated the enlargement of the veins of the spermatic cord.

              7. She had lost a lot of weight before the surgeons performed an operation.

        1. Other causes of infertility in females block uterine tubes due to pelvic inflammatory disease and endometriosis.

        2. The doctor will have discharged the patient from the maternity home by next Monday.

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