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Ways to Keep the Urinary System Healthy

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Ways to Keep the Urinary System Healthy

As many people already know, the urinary system is responsible for ridding the body of waste products developed from food and beverage consumption. And, as with most systems in the human body, a properly functioning urinary system is vital to living a long and healthy life. You can promote a healthier urinary system without needing prescription medication or medical intervention. You can incorporate the changes simply into a normal, everyday lifestyle.

It is well known that aging taxes the urinary system. However, many problems than can arise are not inevitable consequences of aging and can be prevented or at least minimized. A person can lessen the effects of aging on the urinary system (like every other system in the body) by following a healthy lifestyle. This includes getting adequate rest, reducing stress, drinking healthy amounts of good-quality drinking water, not smoking, drinking moderate amounts of alcohol (or not drinking at all), following a proper diet, and exercising regularly.

A healthy diet is important in maintaining the health of the urinary system. A poor diet – one high in fats and meats – can cause kidney stones to develop. It is necessary to eat more fruits and vegetables to keep the urinary tract acidic.

Drinking plenty of water is a necessity in keeping the urinary system healthy. The amount of water in the body helps the urinary system determine how many mineral ions, such as sodium, should be eliminated. The urinary bladder should be emptied every few hours during the day, and drinking enough water should allow an individual to produce a large enough amount of urine to accomplish this. Producing large amounts of urine also helps to flush the urinary system, washing bacteria out of the normally sterile urinary tract.

To further prevent infection of the urinary system by bacteria, it is important to practice good hygiene by keeping the genital area clean. This is vital in both sexes, but is of special concern to women because of the structure of their anatomy. Proper bathing and other hygienic activities can substantially decrease the risk of urinary health issues, such as infections and irritation. An example of an alternative bathing technique that is also suggested for improved urinary tract health is to take more showers than baths due to the fact that, when in a bath, a person is more susceptible to contaminated water entering the urinary system. Cleaning before and after sexual activity is another helpful tip to practice to limit the risk of infection or irritation to the urinary system.

Maintaining the health of your kidneys and urinary system is one of the most beneficial steps you can take for your overall health. It is simple and inexpensive, and it’s very effective in taking care of some of the most important homeostatic organs in your body.

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