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A root cells and papillary cells B

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A root cells and papillary cells

B lunular cells and sweat cells

C melanocytes and keratinocytes

D hair cells and gland cells

5. About 25 layers of dead and dry squamous cells make up the

A dermis

B stratum corneum

C stratum granulosum

D desmosomes

6. All living cells of the epidermis receive their nourishment from blood vessels located in the

A basement membrane

B dermis

C hair cells

D endocrine glands

7. Sensory receptors are found

A in the reticular layer of the epidermis

B in the papillary layer of the epidermis

C in neither the reticular nor papillary layer of the dermis

D in both the reticular and papillary layers of the dermis
III. Add the word or words that correctly complete each of the following statements.

1. The largest organ of the body is the _____________ .

2. The skin protects the body from fluid loss or gain and serves as a barrier to ____________ .

3. The pigment formed in the skin is called _____________ .

4. Skin pigments protect the body against radiations from the sun called ___________ .

5. Heat is lost at the body surface in sweat during the process of ____________ .

6. Ultraviolet radiation from the sun brings about the synthesis in the skin of vitamin ____________ .

7. Another name for the stratum germinativum is _____________ .

8. The skin detects sensations such as pressure, touch, temperature, and __________ .

9. The dermis is the inner, thicker layer of the skin, while the epidermis is the outer ____________ .

10. At the body surface, the uppermost layer of the epidermis is the ____________ .

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