Міністерство охорони здоров’я україни ісаєва О. С

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Provided / What if you do exercises regularly, you will lose weight.

  • In case of / As long as a mistake in this chemical formula, a disaster could happen.

  • You had better not / must not drink water in foreign countries. I am often suspicious of it.

  • I wouldn’t go to see the dermatologist even if / what if I had a severe rash.

    II. Underline the correct form of the verb.

    My brother Kevin has always been a fitness fanatic. He believes that if you look after / looked after your body, it will look after you. Whenever anyone is ill, he says / will say “If they had taken care of themselves, they wouldn’t get / wouldn’t have got ill. And the same thing happens / will happen to me if I didn’t keep fit / don’t keep fit”. I would often say to him, “If I were you, Kevin, I would try / would have tried to slow down a little bit. You will wear yourself out”. Last month, however, I went to the doctor’s and he told me that I was unfit. He said that if I don’t start / didn’t start taking regular exercise, I would be / would have been in danger of becoming ill. I started going to the gym with Kevin and, after a week, I said to him “I feel better already. If I know / had known how good it feels to exercise, I would start / would have started years ago!”

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