Міністерство охорони здоров’я україни ісаєва О. С

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Skin has several jobs: it holds the body together; it stops water and body fluids from leaking out ____ the body; it senses how things feel (touch); it stops germs and dirt from getting _____ the body; it can tell you when you have been hurt (pain).


  • As an adult, you may have more than 20 square feet of skin – about the size ___ a blanket.

  • You are likely to shed some 40 pounds of skin _____ a lifetime.

  • Right now there are over a million dust mites, microscopic critters invisible ____ the naked eye, on your mattress and pillow, chomping on the dead skin cells that fell off you last night!

  • You have around 100,000 hairs ____ your head.

  • If you could take off your skin and flatten it out you would have enough to make a sheet ____ your bed.

  • You lose skin cells all the time even when you are not moving around.

  • 90% _____ household dust is dead skin cells.

  • Nobody has exactly the same fingerprints as anyone else.

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