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I. Underline the correct form

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I. Underline the correct form.

1. Doctors say they wish that more people paid / had paid attention to the amount of salt they consume.

2. I wish I was not / will not be so nervous.

3. I wish I didn’t break / hadn’t broken my leg last week.

4. If only she had listened to / listened to what the doctor tells her.

5. I wish I were/be rich. I would alter the shape of my ears.

6. I wish I had not gone / didn’t go to bed late last night. I would not feel tired today.

7. I wish I took / has taken aspirin; I’ve got a terrible headache.

8. If only I didn’t go / hadn’t gone skiing last Sunday, I would not have broken my leg.
II. Complete the text using one word in each gap.

Do you ever wish that your neighbours (turned / will turn / had turned) down their music? Perhaps you are trying to sleep and you wish that the people next-door (do / were / will be) not holding an all-night barbecue party in their garden. Or do you feel it is high (time / place / site) you moved to an uninhabited island? Don’t worry – you are just another victim of noise pollution. Of course, most people would prefer if cars (make / made / will make) no noise at all, neighbours (was / were / are) as quite as mice, and nobody (drive / drove / will have drive) about the streets in cars with open windows and high-powered sound systems. You may even wish you (stop / stopped / have stopped) children from playing in the street, or planes from passing overhead. But in the end, if I (was / am / will be) you I (would / will / will have) just get used to it. Close the windows, buy some earplugs, laugh and turn up your own stereo. Just act (as / though / that) if the noise (is / was / will be) simply not there! Who knows, perhaps it will go away.

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