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B vagus and accessory nerves C

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B vagus and accessory nerves

C olfactory and optic nerves

D trochlear and trigeminal nerves

5. The conjunctiva is a mucous membrane that

A covers the sclera and extends to the retina

B covers the eyeball and lines the eyelids

C covers the rod cells and not the cone cells

D is found only in the posterior chamber of the eye

6. All the following are components of the retina of the eye except

A bipolar neurons

B ganglionic neurons

C cone cells

D ciliary muscles

7. Cerumen is known as

A fluid

B hairs

C paste

D wax

8. The outer layer of the wall of the eye is composed of the

A iris and ciliary bodies

B retina

C cornea and sclera

D rod cells and cone cells

9. Tears are produced by a set of glands next to the eyeball and known as

A ethmoid glands

B lachrimal glands

C submandibular glands

D suspensory glands

10. The iris is composed of

A pigmented blood vessels

B two layers of smooth muscle

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