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Cary Grant – Actor; Charles Dickens

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Cary Grant – Actor;

Charles Dickens – Novelist;

Elizabeth Taylor – Hollywood actress;

Federico Fellini – Italian film director;

Franklin D. Roosevelt – Former U.S. President;

Grace Kelly – Hollywood actress;

Hugh Heffner – Magazine publisher;

Mary Kay Ash – Cosmetics entrepreneur;

Richard Nixon – Former U.S. President;

Sharon Stone – Hollywood actress;

Thomas Jefferson – Former U.S President;

Winston Churchill – Former Prime Minister of England.

Robert Evans: Stroke of Genius

Robert Evans once arranged a dinner party for director Wes Craven. Just as he was welcoming Craven (the dark genius behind such ghoulish films as “Nightmare on Elm Street”) into his home, Evans had a stroke; the next moment found him writhing on the floor before his startled guests. An ambulance was called...

As attendants were hauling Evans out of the room on a stretcher, he turned to Craven and company to deliver a classic parting shot: “I promised you an unforgettable evening, didn’t I!?”

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