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Adverbial clauses of condition

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Adverbial clauses of condition are mostly introduced by the conjunction if, that’s why they are often called “if clauses”.

A complex sentence containing an adverbial clause of condition is called a conditional sentence. Conditional sentences are derived into sentences of real condition and those of unreal condition.

e.g. If he feels bad tomorrow, he won’t go to the university.

    1. Indicate adverbial clauses of condition in the following sentences. Translate them into Ukrainian.

  1. If she is injected TPA into the vein of the arm as soon as possible, her prognosis will be rather optimistic.

  2. If the patient follows the rehabilitation therapy, he will regain his functional abilities in the nearest future.

  3. Even if Michael stops smoking, he still remains in the risk group.

  4. If this woman takes high-oestrogen oral contraceptives and smokes, she will increase her risk of having a stroke.

  5. My grandmother will buy these expensive drugs for blood thinning if she has enough money.

  6. If the student hasn’t read the text on the stroke prevention, he has time to do it.

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