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All these statements are false

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All these statements are false.

  1. Stroke is actually something that happens in the brain, not the heart.

  2. Immediate emergency treatment can change a stroke victim’s chances of recovery.

  3. Stroke recovery takes place for the rest of the stroke victim’s life.

  4. Anyone, at any age can have a stroke.

  5. Stroke is largely preventable.

  6. Most stroke victims can learn to speak again.

Grammar: Adverbial Clauses of Condition

    1. Analyze the following sentences. How are the clauses joined? What type are they? Translate them into Ukrainian.

  1. Mini-stroke is a disorder in which the symptoms can disappear within a few minutes.

  2. Since a stroke usually happens with no warning, it is very important that individuals that may suffer from a stroke follow their doctor’s instructions.

  3. People who smoke and abuse alcohol are more susceptible to strokes.

  4. That’s what the doctor recommended me to do in order to regain dexterity in my arms.

  5. Ann consulted the doctor for she had trouble walking and felt dizzy.

  6. My granny feels rather well today so that she can be soon discharged from the hospital.

  7. The problem is whether the physical therapy can improve this patient’s walking.

  8. Because Monika is overweight and has diabetes, she has to keep under control her blood pressure.

  9. All I know is that I have done everything I could do.

  10. The labouratory where my full blood count was performed is the best in our city.

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