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Answer the following questions

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Answer the following questions.

  1. When does a brain stroke occur?

  2. A brain stroke cannot be a result of an embolism which travelled from the heart to the brain, can it?

  3. What two major types of stroke do you know?

  4. What is the difference between the ischaemic and haemorrhagic stroke?

  5. What are the main symptoms of a stroke?

  6. Is recognizing the signs as soon as they occur important for the patient’s life? Why?

  7. What is the most common treatment for brain stroke?

  8. When must the patient follow rehabilitation therapy in order to regain his or her functional abilities?

  9. What does stroke prevention imply?

  10. May all risk factors be controlled by the individual?

  11. What are the main risk factors that the patients can control?

  12. A stroke usually happens with warning, doesn’t it?

  13. What kind of therapy is called an occupational therapy?

  14. What etiologic factors of childhood stroke do you know?

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