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Express your opinion about the following quotations

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Express your opinion about the following quotations.

  • There is no scientific study more vital to man than the study of his own brain. Our entire view of the universe depends on it.

Francis H.C. Crick (from Scientific American, September, 1979)

  • A better understanding of the brain is certain to lead man to a richer comprehension both of himself, of his fellow man, and of society, and in fact of the whole world with its problems.

John C. Eccles (from The Future of the Brain Sciences, 1969)

  • The last thing that man will understand in nature is the performance of his brain.

John C. Eccles (from Mental and Elemental Nutrients, 1975)

  • When we deal with brain science, we are dealing with the organ that makes us unique individuals, that gives us our personality, memories, emotions, dreams, creative abilities, and at times our sinister selves.

Ruth Fischback and Gerald Fischbach (from Hard Science, 2006)

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