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Subordinating Conjunctions

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Subordinating Conjunctions



so that, that, so, in order that, in case, lest

The professor gave us detailed directions so that we could perform the diagnostic test of a neurological disorder.

Manner or comparison

as, as … as, not so …as, than, as if, as though, more … the more

The intern works as quickly as he can.


though, although, as, no matter who (what, when, how, etc.), whoever, whatever, whichever, however

Though the nurse was tired, she kept working.

  1. Analyse the sentences. State the type of subordinate clause and the way it is joined to the principal clause.

  1. Dr. Black adjusted the overhead projector so that the students could see the brain chart more clearly.

  2. The more time you spend in the Crimea, the sooner you will recover.

  3. The doctor is examining the patient in order that he can find out what’s wrong with his nervous system.

  4. You answer as if you did not know the structure of the human brain.

  5. The patient managed to survive even though he had a severe brain injury.

  6. My granny will take some pills with her in case she has a headache.

  7. Whatever happens a duty doctor will be here to give you a hand.

  8. Put down all the brain parts into your notebook lest you should forget them.

  9. The students finished the work as the lecturer requested.

  10. Though it was early morning, there was a doctor in the ward. He was examining the patient having been done the surgery on the brain.

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