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Grammar: Adverbial Clauses

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Grammar: Adverbial Clauses

  1. Define the kind of the clauses introduced by that. Translate into Ukrainian.

  1. That the healthcare system needs fixing is obvious!

  2. Professor’s explanation was so clear, so comprehensible, that everybody understood the structure and functions of the brain.

  3. The human brain is the most complicated organization of matter that we know.

  4. Oscar Wilde said in his “Dorian Gray” that the great sins of the world take place in the brain.

  5. John worked on the problem enough that he became an expert in brain degenerative disorders.

  6. This is a type of brain damage that’s not been reported before.

  7. One potential cause of mild traumatic brain injury that concerns researchers and parents is the heading of soccer balls.

  8. The study suggests that head injury with loss of consciousness and, to a lesser extent, head injury without loss of consciousness, increases the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

  9. That George learned the structure and functions of the brain is a miracle.

  10. Anyone who says that English teachers are boring will be punished.

Adverbial clauses of purpose, manner or comparison, and concession


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