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Speaking Match the English idioms with their Ukrainian equivalents. Use them in the situations of your own

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  1. Match the English idioms with their Ukrainian equivalents. Use them in the situations of your own.

to get on one’s nerves

залізні, міцні нерви

to strain every nerve

бути дуже хоробрим

to have the nerve to do something

торкнутися болючої теми

to lose one’s nerve

напружувати всі сили

a man of a nerve

дуже нервувати

to nerve oneself

нервувати когось, дратувати

to be a bundle of nerves

стримана людина

to have nerves of steel

мати мужність зробити щось

nerves of iron

злякатися, втратити самовладання

to touch a raw nerve

психологічний тиск

war of nerves

набиратися духу

  1. Comment on the following.

  1. Every moment of the day your nervous system is active.

  2. The nervous system is the most complex system of the human body.

  3. The nervous system provides us with the ability to perceive, understand and react to environmental events.

  4. This critical system needs to be at 100% all the time or we fail to fully express who we are.

  5. Nerves are like telephone cables carrying information between the brain and all parts of the body.

  6. The peripheral nervous system works in conjunction with the central nervous system.

  1. Speak on the organization and functions of the central nervous system.

Central Nervous System

Brain and spinal cord

Integrative and control centre

Peripheral Nervous System

Cranial and spinal nerves

Communication lines between CNS and the rest of the body

Afferent Division

Sensory nerve fibers

Conduct impulses from receptors to the CNS

Efferent Division

Motor nerve fibers

Conduct impulses from the CNS to effectors

Sympathetic Division

Mobilizes body systems during activity

Parasympathetic Division

Activates tranquil functions

Autonomic Nervous System

Conduct impulses from the CNS to cardiac muscles, smooth muscles, and glands


Nervous System

Conduct impulses from the CNS to skeletal muscles

  1. Imagine you are interviewing an expert in physiology. What questions concerning the central nervous system functions would you ask?


Two girls were talking in the corridor.

“That boy over there is getting on my nerves,” said Clarrie.

“But he’s not even looking at you,” replied Clara.

“That’s what’s getting on my nerves,” retorted Clarrie.


Even the best specialists often fall down in their diagnoses.

“Ah”, said the doctor looking into one eye, “it is easy for me to see what’s the matter with you! It is not merely eye trouble; it is the affection of the nervous system. There are all the signals of liver trouble, of fatty degeneration of the heart, and of bad blood supply. The only thing I can recommend is …”

“Look here, doctor, cried the patient. “It is high time you looked into the other eye. That’s my glass one, you know”.

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