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Join the sentences and use the words in brackets

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Join the sentences and use the words in brackets.

Model: He suffers from persistent headaches. He takes over-the- counter headache medications daily. (because)

Because he suffers from persistent headaches, he takes over-the-counter headache medications daily.

  1. He is going to get an adequate treatment. He’ll stay in the hospital. (while)

  2. We’ll get to the hospital. We’ll send a message. (soon after)

  3. The patient suffering from multiple sclerosis was very week. He could not even speak. (so that)

  4. Mary was in the neurological ward. I had left her there. (where)

  5. Ann successfully graduated from the medical university. Parents rewarded Ann’s efforts by giving her a trip to Paris. (as)

  6. His application arrived after the deadline. They didn’t enrol him on the staff of the neurology research institute. (in as much as)

  7. Some methods of neuralgia treatment had failed. The doctor tried motor cortex stimulation. (after)

  8. There are several possible methods of spinal nerve disorders treatment. Let's discuss all of them. (as)

  9. A child is sometimes affected with spinal meningitis. Symptoms may include his refusal to stand or sit because it is painful. (when)

  10. Motor neuron disease affects about 5,000 people in the UK and there are 1,000 new cases a year. Scientists try to develop a gene therapy treatment for the most common form of motor neurone disease. (since)

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