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Subordinating Conjunctions



where, wherever, everywhere

Wherever there are computers, there is Microsoft software.


as, because, so, since, for, inasmuch as (оскільки, беручи до уваги)

I didn’t do my homework because I had a severe headache.


so that, that

That man suffered from severe nervous system disorder so that he couldn’t work.

  1. Define the nature of the adverbial clause. Translate into Ukrainian.

  1. Since the patient feels tired after such a procedure, he should rest for a while.

  2. Wherever this experienced neurologist receives patients, I will come to consult him.

  3. Students were discussing the organization of the nervous system when the dean entered the classroom.

  4. Edward was so excited that he couldn’t sleep last night.

  5. My granny put her headache pills where she can find them again.

  6. Because the somatic nervous system permits conscious control of the skeletal muscles, it is sometimes called the voluntary nervous system.

  7. The doctor administered additional diagnostic tests so that the initial diagnosis could be confirmed.

  8. Helen consulted the nerve specialist for she suffered from severe migraine headaches.

  9. The patient with some neurologic disorder has so little patience that he can’t tolerate any noise.

  10. He takes his medicines with him wherever he goes.

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