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After I have finished my grammar exercises, I’ll go out.

While you are doing grammar exercises, I’ll be translating the text.

  1. Fill in the gaps with the correct form of the verb.

  1. When I ______ (to learn) the names, locations, and functions of the major organs and parts of the nervous system, I shall go out with my friends.

  2. After the operation on the spinal cord ______ (to finish), the patient will be taken to the resuscitation ward.

  3. Don’t worry! I’ll be watching you while you ______ (to perform) magnetic resonance imaging of the brain.

  4. As soon as the diagnosis of trigeminal neuralgia ______ (to confirm), the doctor will administer adequate treatment.

  5. After the neurologists ______ (to spend) part of his day in the office, interviewing and examining patients, he will spend another part of the day visiting patients in the hospital and reviewing their progress.

  6. Before the nerve specialist ______ (to perform) physical examination and diagnostic tests, he will interview your father to obtain his medical history.

  7. Dr Black will look for and diagnose a physical cause of your pain when you ______ (to see) him next week.

  8. Your tension headache will subside as soon as you … (to take) this over-the-counter pain medication.

  9. The physician will order electroencephalography when he ______ (to suspect) epilepsy.

  10. I’ll let you know when this neuropathist _______ (to be able) to examine you.

Adverbial clauses of place, cause, and result

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