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Grammar: Adverbial Clauses

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Grammar: Adverbial Clauses

  1. Find the attributive clause and indicate its nature. Translate into Ukrainian.

  1. My brother who lives in Lviv is a neurologist.

  2. The hospital where severe neurological diseases are treated is in Medychna Street.

  3. The student whom I admire wants to become a nerve specialist.

  4. This is the textbook in neurology I told you about.

  5. The building that you see over there is the regional clinical hospital where I work as a neurosurgeon.

  6. The man who is treated as an outpatient at this clinic suffers from some disorder of the nervous system.

  7. There were periods when he suffered from severe headaches almost every day.

  8. The surgery that neurosurgeons performed last night was a major operation.

  9. My neurology teacher, who wears old fashioned ties, is often laughed at by the students.

  10. This textbook, which is a monument to boredom, is used mainly as a door stop.

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