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somatic nervous system

the portion of the nervous system consisting of the brain and spinal cord

autonomic nervous system

the part of the autonomic nervous system that tends to act in opposition to the sympathetic nervous system, as by slowing down the heartbeat and dilating the blood vessels. It regulates the function of many glands, such as those that produce tears and saliva, and stimulates motility and secretions of the digestive system

  1. Say if the following statements are true or false. Comment on your answer.

  1. The nervous system coordinates activities we do consciously and voluntarily, as well as those that occur unconsciously and involuntarily.

  2. Together with the immune system, the nervous system is responsible for regulating and maintaining homeostasis.

  3. Inside the body, the internal environment, receptors detect variations in pressure, pH, carbon dioxide concentration, and the levels of various electrolytes.

  4. The nervous system as a whole is divided into four main parts.

  5. The brain and spinal cord compose the CNS.

  6. 32 pairs of spinal nerves carry messages between the spinal cord and the chest, abdomen, and extremities.

  7. The CNS consists of the afferent division and efferent division.

  8. The efferent nerves carry impulses to the central nervous system.

  9. The autonomic nervous system carries impulses to cardiac muscle, to smooth muscles, and to glandular epithelium.

  10. The sympathetic nerves slow down heart rate, contract the pupil of the eye, lower blood pressure, and increase the quantity of secretions like saliva.

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