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Descriptive attributive clauses

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Descriptive attributive clauses give additional information about the person or thing denoted by the antecedent. Descriptive attributive clauses can be omitted without destroying the meaning of the sentence.

e.g. Tom Jacobson, who is my friend, was awarded a prize for his breakthrough in the research of diabetes mellitus treatment.

  1. Define the type of the attributive clause in the following complex sentences.

  1. The nurse who gave me an injection of insulin is very nice.

  2. A person whose job is to care for sick, injured, or infirm people is called a nurse.

  3. That pretty-looking nurse, whom I like very much, is doctor Petrenko’s wife.

  4. Blood sugar test which was performed after an overnight fast confirmed the diagnosis of diabetes mellitus.

  5. Blood sugar test which is performed after an overnight fast and then two hours later after drinking a solution containing 75 g of glucose is called oral glucose tolerance test.

  6. Blood sugar test, which I really feared, showed normal blood sugar levels.

  7. My auntie who suffers from diabetes mellitus always wears Medic Alert bracelet identifying the disease.

  8. A bracelet which identifies any health condition, such as diabetes, gastric bypass, peanut allergy, asthma, epilepsy, kidney transplant, heart condition, autism or whatever the patient needs and is recognized by emergency responders around the world is referred to as Medic Alert bracelet.

  9. Since Ann knew about grave diabetes mellitus of her niece, whom she loved next to her own child, she decided to present her with gold Medic Alert bracelet identifying the disease.

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