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Classifying attributive clauses

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Classifying attributive clauses indicate a class to which the person or thing denoted by the antecedent (a noun or pronoun modified by the attributive clause) belongs. If the classifying attributive clause is omitted, the meaning of the sentence is changed or destroyed.

e.g. A disease in which abnormally large amounts of urine is excreted is called diabetes.

  1. Complete the following complex sentences by filling the gaps with the correct classifying attributive clauses.

A disorder _____ is diabetes mellitus.

who suffers from diabetes mellitus

Diabetes mellitus _____ is gestational diabetes.

which deals with endocrine glands and their secretions

People _____ have type I diabetes mellitus.

whose job is to treat and care for people’s feet

A person ______ has non-insulin-dependant diabetes.

who produce little or no insulin at all

A person ______ often feels abnormal thirst and excessive hunger.

in which blood levels of glucose are abnormally high

A science ______ is called endocrinology.

where patients receive medical, surgical, obstetric, or psychiatric care and treatment

A health care professional _______ is called a podiatrist.

which is designed to carry sick or injured people

A motor vehicle ______ is called an ambulance.

whose body develops resistance to insulin effects

An institution ______ is referred to as a hospital.

that controls the concentration of glucose in the blood

A protein hormone _______ is insulin.

that is diagnosed during pregnancy

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