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Limiting attributive clauses

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Limiting attributive clauses indicate what particular object is meant; they answer the question which one?

e.g. The clinic in which I stay is very expensive.

The conjunctive pronouns whom, which, that in the function of an object can be omitted. The preposition referring to the omitted conjunctive pronoun is placed at the end of the attributive clause.

e.g. The clinic I stay in is very expensive.

  1. Paraphrase the following complex sentences omitting conjunctive pronouns in the limiting attributive clauses.

  1. The man with whom I am in love has diabetes mellitus.

  2. The insulin on which his life depends is given to him free of charge.

  3. Monitoring blood sugar level machine for which I was looking is on the shelf.

  4. The woman after whom Samantha looks suffers from diabetic retinopathy.

  5. The medical institute from which Ivan graduated in 1980 is now called Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University.

  6. The operation of which I was afraid was a minor surgery.

  7. That strange student at whom we laughed some years ago is now a famous endocrinologist.

  8. The knife with which my granny cut her finger is really very sharp.

  9. The ambulance by which she is being taken to the hospital was presented to the emergency department by the sponsors.

  10. The doctor for whom we have already sent will measure his blood sugar levels and administer the proper dose of oral hypoglycaemic drugs.

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