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Attributive clauses are introduced by means of conjunctive pronouns who, whose, which, that or adverbs where, when and asyndetically.
e.g. The endocrinologist who treated my granny is the most experienced doctor in this clinic.

e.g. The hospital where I was treated for diabetes complications is far from here.

e.g. The physician opened the patient’s medical card which he held in his hand.

  1. Indicate attributive clauses in the following complex sentences. Translate them into Ukrainian.

  1. Diabetes mellitus is a disorder in which blood levels of glucose are abnormally high.

  2. People whose diabetes is poorly controlled are more susceptible to infections.

  3. The Medic Alert bracelet which she wears on her wrist identifies diabetes mellitus.

  4. The podiatrist’s office where I cut my toenails is being fixed now, so I have to go to another clinic.

  5. Yearly eye examinations that are essential for diabetics check for changes in the blood vessels that can lead to blindness.

  6. Derek lent me his Endocrinology textbook he had bought at Petrivka market in Kyiv.

Attributive clauses can be limiting, classifying and descriptive.

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