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Grammar: Attributive Clauses

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Grammar: Attributive Clauses

  1. Indicate object clauses in the following complex sentences. Translate them into Ukrainian.

  1. Scientists believe that a viral infection in childhood is the cause of destroying insulin-producing cells in the pancreas.

  2. All diabetics must understand how diet and exercise affect their blood sugar levels.

  3. People suffering from diabetes should be aware of how they can avoid complications.

  4. The doctor knew that a nutritional factor in John’s early adulthood had caused type I diabetes mellitus.

  5. I asked if I would be performed an oral glucose tolerance test.

  6. The endocrinologist was sure that Ann had genetic predisposition to diabetes mellitus.

  7. The patient wants to know if he must regularly inject insulin.

  8. Physicians are sure that obesity is a risk factor for type II diabetes.

  9. I thought you hadn’t been diagnosed diabetes mellitus.

  10. Seeing that his patient is disappointed, Dr. Brown decided to cheer him up.

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