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Diabetes Mellitus Diet

People suffering ____ (from/of) diabetes mellitus are advised to follow a certain diet. (For/On) _____ every per cent reduction ______ (into/in) blood glucose tests, it decreases the risk _____ (in/of) having diabetic complications _____ (at/for) about forty per cent. A healthy diet with the right combination _____ (of/from) carbohydrates and lipids plus regular exercise may effectively lower down glucose and cholesterol levels ______ (within/in) the blood.

The daily diet should be composed _____ (from/of) starches, fruit, vegetables, meat, milk and yogurt, depending ____ (on/from) your daily calorie requirement. Fats and sweets should be limited.

Dietary fat should be reduced ____ (to/in) only 7-10% ____ (for/of) your daily calorie requirement. Protein is limited _____ (onto/to) 15-20%. You can get your protein _____ (in/at) lean meats, fish, skinless fowls and poultry, beans, and non-fat dairy products. Healthy choices ____ (after/for) carbohydrates are beans, brown rice, cereals, fruits, vegetables and whole grains breads. Dietary fibre ____ (from/into) the fruits and vegetables is also good not only ____ (in/for) diabetics but ___ (for/to) the health ____ (to/of) everybody.

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