Міністерство охорони здоров’я україни ісаєва О. С

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President George Bush, and First Lady Barbara Bush were both sufferers of hyperthyroidism. The unusual occurrence of thyroid disease in the First Couple prompted an investigation into the water supply at the vice-presidential mansion. Even their dog Millie was diagnosed with thyroid problems! No cause was ever found, and it was apparently just a statistical anomaly.

Rod Stewart – Rock/Pop Star, singer, writer and producer. During an annual physical examination doctors discovered a nodule in his thyroid. Surgery on May 12, 2000 removed the nodule, and it was found not to be malignant.

Tipper Gore – Wife of Vice President Al Gore. Became the third resident of the Blair House (the vice-president’s residence) to suffer from thyroid problems. Tipper’s recent surgery to have her thyroid gland removed because of a nodule has raised awareness of the thyroid in general and thyroid nodules in particular.

Gail Devers – Olympic Gold Medal Winner. Her courageous battle to overcome thyroid disease is portrayed in “Run for the Dream: The Gail Devers Story”, an original movie of her battle to overcome thyroid disease and win an Olympic Gold Medal. This movie was made by Showtime, and runs occasionally on television.

Muhammed Ali – “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee” is this World Champion heavy weight boxer’s motto. It could just as easily be the thyroid’s motto as well, as any sufferer of thyroid disease can attest. Muhammed Ali lost a championship fight after being mistreated for thyroid disease.

Carl Lewis – Olympic Gold Medal Winner. Five months before the 1996 Olympics, Carl was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. He was successfully treated and able to compete.

“Well, Jonathan, what are you going to do about the excess weight you’re carrying around?” the doctor asked.

“I don’t understand it, Doc,” Jonathan replied, “I just can’t seem to lose weight. I must have an overactive thyroid.”

“Jonathan, the tests show that your thyroid is perfectly normal,” replied the doctor. “It’s your fork that’s overactive.”

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