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The patient’s possible questions

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The patient’s possible questions:

  1. Can I feel my thyroid if it’s enlarged? Where is it?

  2. At what age should I get my thyroid checked?

  3. Are my symptoms consistent with thyroid disease?

  4. Could my symptoms be the result of anything else?

  5. I exercise all the time and I’m not losing weight. Is it my thyroid?

  6. So far, my thyroid is healthy. How can I keep it that way?

  7. Are there any foods or substances I should avoid to protect my thyroid?

  8. What investigations do I need to be made a diagnosis?

  9. If I do have thyroid disease, how can it be treated?

  10. If I need medications, what are the potential side effects?

  1. Here is the list of famous people who have suffered from thyroid disease, but went on to live full and successful lives. Maybe someone of your relatives or friends has managed to overcome a serious disease. Discuss it with your group-mates.

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