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Fill in the gaps with the correct prepositions

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Fill in the gaps with the correct prepositions.

  1. The doctor is thinking ______ (of / about) what he will answer to the patient’s question.

  2. The woman agreed ______ (to / with) what her endocrinologist recommended i. e. to eat more fish, dairy products and especially iodized salt.

  3. I am surprised _________ (of / at) how well your body responds to hormone replacement therapy.

  4. This student has succeeded _____ (upon / in) what he started namely his scientific investigation on mineralocorticoids.

  5. The teacher is proud _________ (of / by) what his former student has achieved. He became an endocrinologist known all over the world.

  6. The patient with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis looks forward _______ (on / to) when he’ll feel completely healthy again.

  7. Samantha’s mother is pleased _________ (with / by) how quickly this injectable medication arrested the progression of sexual development in her daughter.

  8. The patient accuses her relatives and doctor ______ (of / in) why nobody has told her that there is no cure available for multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome.

  9. The patient suffering from multinodular goiter is afraid ________ (from / of) who will operate on her thyroid and remove the tumour.

  10. The treatment of your hormonal disorder depends _____ (on / from) where exactly the tumour is.

If the verb of the principal clause denotes a past action, the rules of the sequence of tenses should be observed.

e.g. I thought adrenal cortex secreted epinephrine and norepinephrine.

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