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Predicative clauses perform the function of the predicative of the principal clause. Predicative clauses are introduced by the conjunctions that, if, whether, as if, as though, lest as well as by the conjunctive pronouns and adverbs.

e.g., The problem is that she has a nodule in her thyroid.

He looked as if he would never recover.

* No comma is needed when we use the predicative clauses.

  1. Use the correct conjunction given in brackets.

  1. That is ____ (why/whether) my elder sister suffers from Cushing’s syndrome.

  2. The trouble is ____ (as though/that) my relatives have no money to buy these expensive hormonal drugs.

  3. All I know is _____ (that/what) I have read in this scientific article.

  4. The question is _____ (whether/what) she is able to overcome her depression after the surgery.

  5. This student looks _____ (lest/as if) he were very ill.

  6. They left Chornobyl _____ (lest/as though) their children should live in the radioactive zone.

  7. That is _____ (what/where) this famous endocrinologist lives.

  8. The truth was _____ (that/if) the patient had had hypothyroidism but was successfully treated.

  9. This is _____ (what/when) we were discussing at the previous English class.

  1. Analyze the following complex sentences. Say whether they contain subject or predicative clauses. Translate them into Ukrainian.

  1. Mark looks very tired. It is good that he decided to go to the sanatorium.

  2. It seemed that his underactive adrenal glands resulted in adrenal hormones deficiency.

  3. Where the annual conference of endocrinologists will take place is difficult to tell.

  4. That’s what the doctor recommended to his patient suffering from hyperthyroidism.

  5. My feeling is that her excess weight is closely connected with some thyroid disorder.

  6. Whether the chemotherapy is helpful in his case is not clear yet.

  7. The question is where I can buy these hormonal medicines.

  8. I insist that you should know all the potential side effects of galactorrhea treatment.

  9. Ann eats saltwater fish and cheese every day lest she should have any problem with her thyroid.

  10. It is known that controlling the production of specific hormones leads to successful treatment of many endocrine disorders in children.

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