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e.g., What she really wants

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e.g., What she really wants is to be healthy again.

A subject clause can be placed after the predicate; in this case the sentence begins with the introductory it.

e.g., It seemed to him that all would be well.

  1. Define the subject clauses in the following complex sentences.

  1. But what she couldn’t understand was the reason of exaggerated masculine characteristics in her daughter.

  2. It is a good thing that she consulted the endocrinologist yesterday.

  3. Whether my younger brother has problems with his adrenal glands isn’t clear yet.

  4. It seemed that his voice was deepening as he was growing.

  5. Where this diagnostic procedure was performed is well known now.

  6. It is rather doubtful that she has a high risk of having virilization.

  7. What I really need is a good sleep after the surgery.

  8. How he is going to treat his hypoglycaemia will be known tomorrow.

  9. Why she regularly takes melatonin supplement is not a secret anymore.

  10. What’s worrying me now is the state of my aunt’s health after the radiation therapy.

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