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How is food allergy diagnosed?

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How is food allergy diagnosed?

  1. 1) Blood and skin tests

A prick-test of the allergen on your skin or a RAST blood test may be useful to eliminate allergies.

Unfortunately, they often show reactions that have no practical significance. For this reason, allergy testing should be performed and evaluated by experts.

Test kits that are available in health food shops and over the internet are not reliable indicators of allergy.
      1. 2) Food elimination programme

To confirm diagnosis, an allergist (a specialist in allergic diseases), will suggest the following programme.

  • Two weeks on a normal varied diet while keeping a detailed diary of everything eaten and any reactions.

  • If you have a reaction, that food should be avoided over the following two weeks while you continue to keep the diary.

  • If your symptoms get considerably better, the next step is to try an open provocation of your allergy by deliberately eating the food that may be causing your problems.

  • If the symptoms return, you will be given more provocations where neither you nor the allergist know whether you are eating the suspected food. This is to eliminate any psychological cause for a reaction and is called a “challenge test”. This is normally carried out in a supervised hospital environment for safety reasons.

This is the usual procedure to obtain a diagnosis of food allergy. Complementary therapists often offer “food allergy testing” using methods such as kinesiology, VEGA testing and hair analysis but these are not scientifically proven nor accurate so are best avoided to prevent an incorrect diagnosis.

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