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Place: where, wherever. Exception

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Place: where, wherever.

Exception: except (for), apart from

Relatives: who, whom, whose, which, what, that.

Listing Points/Events:

to begin: initially, first, at first, firstly, to start/begin with, first of all;

to continue: secondly, after this/that, second, afterwards, then, next;

to conclude: finally, lastly, in the end.

Summarizing: in conclusion, in summary, to sum up, on the whole, all in all, altogether, in short.

    1. Choose the most appropriate linking word/phrase.

  1. If / Although / Since the doctor was tired he went to work.

  2. She lost her job if / as if / because she was ill.

  3. Because / Not only / In spite of well done operation, the wound continued to bleed.

  4. If / Though / Unless you need to check your eyesight, go and see a doctor.

  5. Let’s start the daily round now, else / so that / as well as we are sure to have enough time.

  6. He works as a doctor in our hospital as though / in case / as well as studies at Law Faculty.

  7. She went to bed in short / because / in case she felt ill.

  8. In England, if / like / besides you are ill you can either send for the family doctor or else go and visit him at his surgery.

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