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Grammar: Linking words

Linking words show the logical relationship between sentences or parts of a sentence

Positive Addition: and, both … and, too, besides (this/that), moreover, what is more, in addition (to), also, as well as (this/that), furthermore.

Negative Addition: neither … nor, nor, neither, either.

Contrast: but, although, in spite of, while, whereas, despite, even though, on the other hand, however.

Giving Examples: such as, like, for example, for instance, especially, in particular.

Cause/Reason: as, because, because of, since, for this reason, due to, so, as a result (of).

Condition: if, in case, provided (that), providing (that), unless, as/so long as, otherwise, or (else).

Purpose: so that, so as (not) to, in order (not) to, in order that, in case.

Time: when, whenever, as, as soon as, while, before, until/till, after, since.

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