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The doctor’s footsteps were heard crossing the room.

  • The ambulance could be seen waiting outside.

  • The two nurses were heard descending.

  • The work was considered finished.

  • The noises were heard rumbling in the stomach.

  • The blood was seen draining through the bandage.

  • The liver was found seriously damaged by too much alcohol.

    The Objective Participial Construction

    The Objective Participial Construction is a construction in which the participle is in predicate relation to a noun in the common case or a pronoun in the objective case. In the Objective Participial Construction Participle I Indefinite Active or Participle II is used. In the sentence this construction has the function of a complex object.

    the Objective Participial Construction may be found:

    1. After verbs denoting sense perception, such as to see, to hear, to feel, to find, etc.

    2. After some verbs of mental activity, such as to consider, to understand.

    3. After the verbs to have and to get (after these verbs only Participle II is used).

    4. After verbs denoting wish, such as to want, to wish, to desire. In this case only Participle II is used.

    5. After the verbs to imagine, to smell, to look (at), to keep, to catch, to set, to start, to leave, to send the objective-with-the-infinitive construction is never used. The only possible construction after these verbs is the objective participial construction.

    6. After the verbs to make, to get, to like, to want the construction is used only with participle II.

    In interrogative and negative sentences the auxiliary verb to do is used:

    e.g. Why don’t you have your hair cut?

    Occasionally the meaning of the construction is different: it may show that the person denoted by the subject of the sentence experiences the action expressed by the participle.

    1. Read and translate the following sentences. Pay attention to translation of the Objective Participial Construction.

    1. The wounded man had his leg amputated.

    2. I saw the mild eye of the old doctor turned upon me for a moment.

    3. I saw the doctor coming out of the surgery.

    4. All the while she felt her heart beating with a vague fear.

    5. She could feel her hands trembling exceedingly.

    6. He had his wound dressed.

    7. He soon made his presence felt.

    8. The nurse kept monitoring the patient after operation.

    9. The surgeon started performing an operation on appendicitis.

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