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Find synonyms in the text to the following words

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Find synonyms in the text to the following words.


to detect





to show


to ingest


to transmit


to get better

to affect

to catch



to outlive

  1. Rearrange the words to make up sentences.

  1. people/ Many/ hepatitis B or C/ do not/ with/ symptoms/ are/ when/ have/ they/ first/ infected.

  2. and/ Hepatitis A/ is/ serious/ of/ diseases/ these/ mildest/ the least.

  3. acute/ hepatitis/ People/ with/ any/ avoid/ alcohol/ should/ and/ substances/ are/ toxic/ that/ to the liver.

  4. Over 85%/ with/ 3 months/ people/ hepatitis A/ of/ recover/ within.

  5. are/ caused/ Hepatitis A and E/ by/ typically/ or/ of /contaminated/ ingestion/ food/ water.

  6. infection/ limited/ Acute/ occur/ may/ with/ symptoms/ no/ or.

  7. are/ There/ main/ as/ hepatitis/ viruses,/ types/ referred to/ five/ A, B, C, D and E.

  8. usually/ Hepatitis B, C and D/ occur/ fluids/ infected/ as/ of/ a result/ contact/ parenteral/ with/ body.

  9. from/ The word/ comes/ “hepatitis”/ the Ancient Greek/ inflammation/ word/ hepar/ “liver”,/ and/ the Latin/ it is/ meaning/ meaning.

  10. under/ Acute/ lasts/ six/ hepatitis/ lasts/ months,/ chronic/ while/ hepatitis/ longer.

  11. always/ Donated/ for/ is/ blood/ tested/ Hepatitis B.

  1. Find mistakes in the sentences and correct them.

    1. Hepatitis C is usually spread through directly contact with the blood of a person who has the disease.

    2. Only a person who is already infected with Hepatitis B can become infected with Hepatitis A.

    3. When symptoms appear, they usually do so about 15 to 180 days after the person has became infected.

    4. The vast majority of patients with Hepatitis A will recovery spontaneously.

    5. Hepatitis can heal on its own with no significant consequence, or it can progress to scarring of the spleen.

    6. Hepatitis can also be caused by alcohol and some other toxins and infections, as well by our own autoimmune process (the body attacks itself).

    7. Obesity can be a cause of liver damage which can lead with inflammation.

    8. The patient can suffer serious liver damage due by infection, resulting in cancer.

    9. For some patients the hepatitis becomes chronic (short-term) or lifelong.

    10. Infection with hepatitis D is through contact with infected blood, unprotected sex, and perforation of the skin with uninfected needles.

    11. Remember that an infected person’s faeces is always infectious to other people.

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