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Choose to-infinitive or gerund form in the following sentences.

  1. Avoid дивитися TV before bed and especially in bed – the last should be reserved for two things only: sleep and romance.

  2. I can’t stand потіти on a hot day. But потіння is the way your body releases excess heat to stay cool.

  3. I hate хворіти. Perhaps the worst part about it is having a fever.

  4. Coffee reduces the risk of developing alcohol and non-alcohol related cirrhosis of the liver, however, it does not mean you can drink more alcohol if you drink coffee; keep пити both beverages in moderation.

  5. Music that we love слухати makes us feel relaxed and impacts on us through its harmony, melody, rhythm and beat.

  6. Cats are incredibly entertaining. They respond to touch and voice, and can keep you сміятися and посміхатися all day just by watching and interacting with them.

  7. If you are a hardened hypochondriac, it’s time for pulling yourself together and starting усвідомлювати, that excessive worrying is not likely to improve things.

  8. Genetics are the forbidden fruit of science, and with knowledge of the genetic code, we can usurp God’s role in creation; the public wants знати exactly what kind of genetic research is currently under way and where the governments will set its limits.

  9. Often we speak to ourselves in ways we would never tolerate from anyone else. Your inner voice criticizes and blames you? Change it and start розмовляти to yourself nicely.

  10. Do it now, appreciate сміятися – laughter produces endorphins (happy hormones) and white blood corpuscles, thereby giving your immune system a boost.

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