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Gostnroeateolrgy: The medical specialty devoted to the study, diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the digestive system.

Matstsizaee: The spread from one part of the body to another.

Ponrogsis: The expected course of a disease.

Smptmyo: Any subjective evidence of disease.

Taperyh: The treatment of disease.

      1. Complete the sentences with appropriate prepositions. Translate the complete sentences into Ukrainian.

What is Stomach Cancer?

The stomach is composed ______ various “cells”, which are intricately combined together _____ “tissues” which form the “organ”. These cells divide to produce new ones, and grow very rapidly during womb life, early childhood and puberty. In adulthood, new cells are produced only to replace those that die ________ old age, injury or disease. Normally, division _____ the cells is _____ very tight control. This control is exerted by the “genes” inside each cell, which are housed ______ long clumps forming “chromosomes”, which are visible _______ a light microscope. The genes themselves are made up of DNA, the master genetic code material. If the genes are damaged, say _____ chemicals or radiation, the control _____ cell division may be lost ________ one particular cell. Ultimately, cancer is considered a disease _______ the DNA. Stomach cancer starts ______ a single lung cell. That cell starts dividing haphazardly, making millions and billions _____ copies _____ itself. It takes up the nourishment needed ______ other cells, depriving them so the cancer can continue to grow. Quickly growing cells can clump up _____ form a “tumour”. A tumour simply means a swelling; it can be caused _______ inflammation or infection. A “benign” tumour only grows _______ it’s local area (although it may get quite large) – it cannot spread and is not cancer. A tumour which can spread ______ other body areas is called “malignant” and this is cancer. The process _____ cancer spread _______ other areas is called “metastasis”, so only malignant tumours (i.e. cancer) can metastasize. Theoretically, cancer can spread ____ any area _____ the body, and it often grows better _____ it’s area ____ spread than _____ it’s area _____ origin (“primary site”). It is this capacity ______ spread that makes cancer so dangerous. If not treated successfully, it ultimately kills by debility, anaemia, infection, and compromise _______ normal body functions.

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