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Read, translate the following sentences and name “-ing – forms”

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Read, translate the following sentences and name “-ing – forms”.

  1. The procedure was repeated with a doubling of the dose at each clinic visit until significant improvement of symptoms or side effects occurred.

  2. The patient had experienced difficulty sleeping at night for several years.

  3. The patient was hypertensive at the beginning of the study and the blood pressure remained essentially unchanged while she was on the drug.

  4. In order to study the clinical and physiological changes occuring during the critical period of acute myocardial infarction a special intensive care unit was set up at the hospital.

  5. The forgoing brief survey of some clinical and physiological aspects of acute gastritis gives some basis for discussing monitoring possibilities.

  6. The one factor limiting policy is the reliability of cardiac arrest alerm.

  7. Ukrainian researchers are developing the use of ultrasound in traumatology, orthopedy and surgery of the chest.

  8. The laser beam fibres techniques are being sucessfully employed.

  9. The Kazan Institute did much to combat trachoma which was a scourge in the outlying provinces of Russia.

  10. The danger of infection in surgery was posed because the popularity of antibiotics have led to their being used much too often.

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