Міністерство охорони здоров’я україни ісаєва О. С

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а) Participle;

b) Gerund;

с) Verbal Noun.

  1. The surgeon started performing the operation on the colon.

  2. The physician started the examining of the patient with bronchitis.

  3. Living the hospital without the doctor’s order is impossible.

  4. His rapid leaving of the city was due to his mother’s disease.

  5. After having been told the results of the X-ray examination the physician wrote them down in the patient’s case history.

  6. The patient was thankful to the doctor for his having been so attentive to him.

  7. No physician can make a proper diagnosis without having examined the patient.

  8. His being sent to the Congress of Gastroenterologists was useful to him.

  9. The process of growth is due to the increasing number of cells.

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