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A. Activation of α1-adrenoreceptors B

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A. Activation of α1-adrenoreceptors

B. Activation of serotonin receptors

C. Activation of β-adrenoreceptors

D. Activation of dopamine receptors

E. Block of M-cholinoreceptors
44. A nurse accidentally injected a nearly double dose of insulin to a patient with diabetes mellitus. The patient lapsed into a hypoglycemic coma. What drug should be injected in order to help him out of coma?

A. Glucose

B. Lidase

C. Insulin

D. Somatotropin

E. Noradrenaline

45. A comatose patient was taken to the hospital. He has a history of diabetes mellitus. Objectively: Kussmaul breathing, low blood pressure, acetone odor of breath. After the emergency treatment the patient’s condition improved. What drug had been administered to the patient?

A. Insulin

B. Adrenaline

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