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D. Rise of pressure of tubular fluid E

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D. Rise of pressure of tubular fluid

E. Renal artery embolism

  1. A male patient has been diagnosed with acute post-streptococcal glomerulonephritis. It is most likely that the lesion of the basement membrane of renal corpuscles was caused by the following allergic reaction:

    1. Immune complex

    2. Anaphylactic

    3. Cytotoxic

    4. Delayed

    5. Stimulating

  1. As a result of continuous starvation the glomerular filtration rate has increased by 20%. The most probable cause of the glomerular filtration alteration under the mentioned conditions is:

    1. Decrease in the oncotic pressure of blood plasma

    2. Increase in the systemic arterial pressure

    3. Increase in the permeability of the renal filter

    4. Increase of the filtartion quotient

    5. Increase of the renal blood flow

  1. A 12-year-old child developed nephritic syndrome (proteinuria, hematuria, cylindruria) 2 weeks after a case of tonsillitis, which is a sign of affected glomerular basement membrane in the kidneys. What mechanism is the most likely to cause the basement membrane damage?

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