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  1. As a result of careless handling of an iron, a 34-year-old female patient has got acute pain, redness, swelling of her right index finger. A few minutes later, there appeared a blister filled with a transparent liquid of straw yellow color. The described changes are a manifestation of the following pathological process:

    1. Exudative inflammation

    2. Traumatic edema

    3. Alternative inflammation

    4. Proliferative inflammation

    5. Vacuolar degeneration

  1. The cellular composition of exudates largely depends on the etiological factor of inflammation. What leukocytes are the first to get into the focus of inflammation caused by pyogenic bacteria?

    1. Neutrophil granulocytes

    2. Monocytes

    3. Myelocytes

    4. Eosinophilic granulocytes

    5. Basophils

  1. A patient, having suffered a thermal burn, developed painful boils filled with turbid liquid in the skin. What morphological type of inflammation has developed in the patient?

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