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Test 120

A 35-year-old woman takes acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin) for arthritis. Although her joint pain is reduced with this therapy, the inflammatory process continues. The aspirin therapy alleviates her pain mainly through reduction in the synthesis of which of the following mediators?

  1. Complement

  2. Prostaglandins

  3. Leukotriene E4

  4. Histamine

  5. Nitric oxide

Test 121

A 70-year-old woman has had worsening shortness of breath for the past week. On physical examination, her temperature is 38.3°C. On percussion, there is dullness over the left lung fields. Thoracentesis yields 800 mL of cloudy yellow fluid from the left pleural cavity. Analysis of the fluid reveals a WBC count of 25×109/L with 98% neutrophils and 2% lymphocytes. A Gram stain of the fluid shows gram-positive cocci in clusters. Which of the following terms best describes the process occurring in the left pleural cavity?

  1. Abscess

  2. Chronic inflammation

  3. Edema

  4. Fibrinous inflammation

  5. Purulent exudate

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