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Test 115

In an experiment, neutrophils collected from peripheral blood are analyzed for a “burst” of oxygen consumption. This respiratory burst is an essential step for which of the following events in an acute inflammatory response?

  1. Increased production of leukocytes in bone marrow

  2. Attachment to endothelial cells

  3. Opsonization of bacteria

  4. Phagocytosis of bacteria

  5. Generation of microbicidal activity

Test 116

A 5-year-old child has a history of recurrent bacterial infections, including pneumonia and otitis media. Analysis of leukocytes collected from the peripheral blood shows a deficiency in myeloperoxidase. Which of the following is the most likely cause of this child's increased susceptibility to infections?

  1. Defective neutrophil degranulation

  2. Defective production of prostaglandins

  3. Failure to produce hydroxy-halide radicals (HOCl-)

  4. Decreased oxygen consumption after phagocytosis

  5. Failure to produce hydrogen peroxide

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