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Test 35

Two groups of rats are exposed to solar radiation for a prolonged time: the first group- in opened and the second group- in closed glass chambers. The study results show that rate of incidence of skin cancer is much higher in the first group of animals compared to the second one. Which of the following factors is responsible for this phenomenon?

  1. Sun heat

  2. Ultraviolet radiation

  3. Genetic predisposition

  4. Chemical carcinogens

  5. Infrared radiation

Test 36

Respiratory arrest occurs in a man due to electric shock from town mains with the direction of current flow “right hand – head”. Indicate the most probable cause of the respiratory arrest in the patient.

  1. Laryngospasm

  2. Emotional stress

  3. Paralysis of respiratory muscles

  4. Painful shock

  5. Paralysis of the respiratory center

Test 37

An electric welder violated the rules of safety appliances through taking electric wire by unprotected and wet hand. As a result he got electric shock which lead to tonic contractions of muscles and involuntary urination. Which of the following effects of electric current are these signs caused by?

  1. Electrochemical

  2. Biological

  3. Electrothermal

  4. Electromechanical

  5. Physiological

Test 38

A 43-year old man got electric shock with the current direction “right hand –left hand.” Which of the following life-threatening disorders can occur?

  1. Fibrillation of ventricles

  2. Respiratory arrest

  3. Bradycardia

  4. Tachycardia

  5. Extrasystolia

Test 39

Among many factors determining severity of electrical injury the way electric current passes through the body plays the major role. Passing through which of the following organs is the most dangerous way?

  1. Heart

  2. Brain cortex

  3. Lungs

  4. Liver

  5. Kidneys

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