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C. Isadrinum

D. Glibenclamide

E. Furosemide
46. An unconscious patient was taken by ambulance to the hospital. On objective examination the patient was found to have no reflexes, periodical convulsions, irregular breathing. After laboratory examination the patient was diagnosed with hepatic coma. Disorders of the central nervous system develop due to the accumulation of the following metabolite:

A. Ammonia

B. Urea

C. Glutamine

D. Bilirubin

E. Histamine

47. A patient has been diagnosed with influenza. His condition became drastically worse after taking antipyretic drugs. His consciousness is confused, AP is 80/50 mm Hg, Ps is 140/m, body temperature droped down to 35, 8oC.What complication developed in this patient?

A. Collapse

B. Hyperthermia

C. Hypovolemia

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